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Lisa, who is sitting besides him, watches on and tells him to "at least forge plausible grades." Now at home, Bart watches an advertisement for Kamp Krusty on the TV, in which Krusty promotes such activities as archery and wallet-making, as well as the fact that attendees get to spend the entire summer with himself.

Bart gathers enough courage to show the report card to Homer, who quickly spots Bart's grade forgery, but allows Bart to attend Kamp Krusty regardless, adding, "I didn't want you hangin' around all summer anyway." The next day, a group of parents send off their children as they board the bus for Kamp Krusty. As the bus begins to pull away, Bart warns his parents to avoid going in his room, while Lisa adds, "If the pets die, don't replace them. " The parents wistfully watch the bus vanish into the distance.

At first, Bart and the rest of the unruly campers believe he is an imposter, until they strip Krusty of his shirt, revealing his pacemaker scar, cattle skull birthmark, and famous superfluous nipple.

Krusty falls down onto his knees and apologizes for how bad their experience was at the camp.

The bus arrives at Kamp Krusty (after crossing an extremely unstable bridge) and the kids gather around to watch an introduction video. Black, introduces himself and after a brief question-and-answer session, he presents the kids with their camp counselors, school-yard bullies Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney. S," Kearny exclaims, as he slams the door behind him.He promises to make it up to them by showing them the time of their lives by taking them to "the happiest place on earth: Tijuana!" The "Kamp Krusty" script was originally suggested by James L. However, due to problems with making the story long enough for an 80-minute film, the idea was dropped.She brings this to Miss Hoover's attention and rather forcefully tries to get her to change it.Meanwhile, across the hall, Bart is prancing back and forth as he waits for Mrs. Bart tries to flatter her with compliments but fails to woo her enough to reconsider changing his final grades.

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"Now listen boy," Homer begins, "We have an understanding and you better keep your end of it.

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