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In fact, one wonders why they did not pick a point before the probe arrived all together (perhaps so that they could return as heroes in preperation for their trials? As for the probe leaving the system before they first arrived, I don't think there is any evidence of this.Rather, it would seem that they did not lose power by simply keeping their distance from Earth as they approached the sun...strange as it sounds, it's the only way the movie makes sense anyway, it explains why they didn't lose power when they first entered the solar system..the probe was already on it's way out by the time they got anywhere near the sun/earth--Memory epsilon , (UTC) Well, going back 10 or 20 minutes before they left is no problem, it is time travel, after all, they could pick whenever they wanted to return.If it really is a screen-shot then we should be able to identify which division he worked for, etc.Similar to notes on the Zaranites and Betelgeusians.

;) I will change the links in the article to reflect the proper citations.--Alan del Beccio , (UTC) Well, I was mistaken about the Kasheeta anyway, it turns out that this man (behind the Xelatians) is wearing a funky little red hat!Now we've identified so many of these aliens, I reckon the only ones that have the right build to be the Kasheeta, are the ones in this picture, almost directly behind the Xelatians.Logan 5 , (UTC) Not sure about the Kasheeta, all of the references (and caps) I have on this subject are on my computer, which I currently do not have access to--however, I do know for sure that the Caitians are shown in two different scenes in the movie, both a black and brown colored one are shown before and during the trial.--Alan del Beccio , (UTC) This picture shows all the council. On the left, there's an alien in the front row, third in, who has a black head and large ears. Now, you're going to have to squint for this, but on the right, on the back row, fourth seat from the front of the picture, I think I can see the orange head of something that could be a Kasheeta.

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