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At many agencies it is hard for you to know if a woman is serious about finding a guy, but for a woman's profile to appear on Elena's she must have been active in the previous ninety days.

This means that the women on Elena's are serious and active about finding a husband.

Some poor saps will feel like they need to reply to every letter and some agencies will send you hundreds, which can obviously be incredibly expensive.

In terms of the basic services Elena's is the market leader in security, clarity, and customer service.Many agencies, most perhaps, have the woman write a general "introduction letter" that sounds vaguely like the woman looked at your profile.Then the agency will send it out to anyone that meets the, often very broad, criteria of the woman who wrote the letter with the hopes that you will perhaps pay to read it and pay to send a reply.Furthermore, Elena’s Models lets you know a woman’s response rate to inquiries from men.This is an incredibly useful tool because it allows you to see if a woman is likely to respond to your letter or not.

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