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.00 wcmi ARAPAHO & SHOSHONI / ARAPAHOE & SHOSHONE. Helen Hunt's Grave, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado" marked by initials in trees, color, circa 1915, unused. More specifically, we can be sure the location is in the Keewatin Region of the Northwest Territories. "Caribou Eskimos, Canada" showing the carving of meat outside a shelter, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1965 from Fisher Illinois. Martin, unused, small corner crease, small corner bend, minor corner wear. Despite the handwritten caption, Tahlequah is still the capital of the Cherokee Nation and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. "CM-41 / LITTLE CARL - Cherokee Indian -- Cherokee Indian Reser- / vation, North Carolina. Guadagnoli" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1960 at Zuni New Mexico, minor edge wear & a tiny corner bend. This Catholic mission ministers to the Arapahoe & Shoshoni Indians from the Wind River Reservation. "Building a(sic) igloo, Caribou / Eskimos, Canada" showing blocks of ice being fitted together; home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1965 at Mount Jewett Pennsylvania, lower corner crease. The former Cherokee Capitol at / Tahlequah Okla." with art attributed to Charles Banks WIlson, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1963 at Tahlequah, tiny upper corner crease, bend with wear at the other upper corner. 39" showing a roadside stand with 'CAMP No.2' carved over the doorway, unused white-border era postcard from J. Hartman & Company, small corner crease, minor corner wear. ..." postcard with July 1953 date written neatly on back, which we do not doubt. C 46753" missing period after C, unused linen from Asheville Post Card Company, fresh appearance & good edges. "N732:-ANI-TSAGE (INDIAN BALL) BEING PLAYED BY CHEROKEE INDIANS ON RESERVATION. Don Eli in Galion Ohio, lightly toned both sides, trivial corner wear. The Indian girl on the front is not Navajo but rather a Pueblo Indian from New Mexico, not Colorado.

Nate never wrote or called me that night, even after I texted him at 11 p.m.As to why you got weird." But Nate didn't acknowledge his weirdness.But I didn't have the energy to tell Nate that I was sick of his (and many other guys') assumption that women spend their days plotting to pin down a man and that ignoring me wasn't the kindest way to tell me he didn't want to lead me on.Likely these are Cocopah Tribe members, known for their museum-quality bead work. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in or format. Uncaptioned real photo but message explains: "students studying the Eskimo! Reed in Somerville Ohio by motorcycle salesman Richard Morrison in Middletown Ohio who wrote on back with surprising candor: 'Started over Sunday morning and broke down near Jacksonburg had to walk home. If you see [name] tell him I have a fork spring for him.' A fork spring suspension allows a motorcycle to travel off-road or race in motocross events (a fairly new sport at that time). 6366" showing a group of indigenous people near their flower stand, corner & edge wear, speckles of cancel ink showing in the borders. "Greetings from OKLAHOMA The Sooner State" chrome multiview with many Indians in full regalia & a small herd of buffalo, H. Crocker Company, mailed 1968, tiny corner crease, mild edge wear. "Oklahoma Indians / 78994-N" on a summit, unused white-border era, writing on back dates to 1952 and identifies them as Shawnee, slight yellowing of the paper with age, minor wear at bottom corners. "INDIANS FISHING AT CELILIO FALLS / OF COLUMBIA RIVER, OREGON--P6O" unused linen from E. '" Pendleton Oregon QSL card with commissioned Runnin' Bare style art depicting two eagles with salmon, used but fresh appearance. "WACONDA / SPRINGS / POST OFFICE / CLOSED / JUNE 15, 1955 // NO WAMPUM HERE-- WHITE MAN GIVUM / TO FOREIGNER" cartoon art bemoaning the post office closing there in Kansas, picturing their last day cancel in the stamp box & autographed by the postmistress Marjorie L. / CHICAGO" showing Catholic priest holding up cross before a group of Indians, white-border era, unused, minor corner & edge wear. "INDIAN PRAYER / Great Spirit / Grant that I may not criticize my / neighbor until I have / walked a mile in his / moccasins." with Indian on horseback drawn above, tape thin at top center, no postcard back, slightly smaller than a regular postcard, paper browning evenly withy age. So this unexplained structure is probably an early effort to facilitate collection of its water for bottling & sale for medicinal purposes. We believe it became the Winnebago Reformed Church there. Back reference: 'On the Road of a Thousand Wonders' referring to a route of the Southern Pacific railroad. "Crow Indian Madonna 42152" wrapped in a beautiful blanket, unused linen sold by L. Hollister, slight yellowing of the paper with age on back, one bottom corner faintly creased, another corner with mild wear. .50 aei Eskimo boy with pipe in mouth, trivial corner wear. " Students stand on steps with makeshift bows, arrows & spears. / 4508 The Historical Mounds, Idlewilde Park, Newark, O. "Up Ft Ancient Hill" in Warren County Ohio; sepia-tone real photo post card mailed SEP 24 1914 to Mr. One of the main advantages of motorcycle travel to a bicyclist would be the ability to easily climb hills. "12:-'THE SCOUT,' PENN VALLEY PARK, KANSAS CITY, MO." showing a sculpture of an Indian / Native American with bow & arrow astride his horse, unused white-border era postcard published by Max Bernstein, soft corners. "Kutchin Indians of Yukon River Basin at a tribal dance." in Northern Alaska, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1961 from Abbyville Kansas, one lower corner with 2 faint creases. Bingesser beneath a cachet for the Waconda Spring / Great Spirit Health Resort in the back message area, unaddressed & unmailed, neatly annotated 'Mitchell County' on back, faint bottom corner crease, light spotty toning on back.

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