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I know I screwed up, but four months ago I was given a raise and a slight bump in title because my annual review was so good. If your boss had had concerns about your attention to detail in the past, this could easily be a last-straw kind of situation. Ideally that’s something she would have talked to you about if it was a concern of hers, but it’s also true that plenty of managers suck at giving feedback …

and it’s possible that there have been other issues with your attention to detail in the past that she hasn’t flagged for you, who knows.


(I know you were just given a raise and a title bump, which means that overall they were happy with your work, but it’s also possible to do those things and still be worried about someone’s attention to detail, depending on the role.) On the other hand, there are also managers out there who do believe in firing for single mistakes, if the mistake is a big one.

And this was a indeed a big one, and it sounds like there were probably multiple opportunities for you to catch it during the process — not only the flight booking itself, but when you were picking hotels too.

But I don’t think it will hurt you, so if you wanted to give it a shot, you could.

Meanwhile, though, I’d be very actively job-searching.

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