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is a third order within the Franciscan movement of the Catholic Church.It includes both congregations of vowed men and women and fraternities of men and women living standard lives in the world, married most of the time.Shortly afterward Leo XIII published his Encyclicals on the Third Order, the Canadian bishops, wishes, recommended the Third Order to their clergy and faithful.The foundation of a community of Friars Minor at Montreal in 1890 inaugurated a new era of growth for the Third Order.This rule contained originally twelve chapters; a thirteenth was added under Pope Gregory IX (1227).

The prohibition against carrying arms dealt a blow to the feudal system and to the ever-fighting factions of Italian municipalities.

Mariano and the Bull for Faenza (16 December 1221) suggest that 1221 was the earliest date for founding of the Third Order.

Thomas of Celano wrote that the oldest preserved rule was dated 1221.

For two years he edited a review, in which he published nearly every month an article on the Third Order, or answered questions pertaining thereto.

In 1881 Blessed Friar Frédéric Janssoone was sent to Canada, where he gave new spirit to the Third Order, inaugurating and visiting fraternities.

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