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If that is the case, you - as his companion - can try to get him help. But even with patience, you are sometimes at a loss of what exactly it is you should DO to make it work!However, if there is no such situation, then you are simply in love with a man who is more dedicated to his work than you can be okay with! Even if you are not the kind of girl who wants her partners attention 24x7, dating a workaholic is really not easy. Patience is going to help you deal with what and how YOU feel about the whole relationship; but how exactly is the relationship going to turn out to be? Here are a few things you can do to make dating a workaholic easy.And do not just impose the rules on your man, follow them yourselves too!Make time to do things together, like going to the movies, throwing a party, making a day-trip. Initially, it may feel too structured a relationship, but maybe spending more time together, or spending time together on a regular basis will re-invoke in your guy the feelings that have gone dormant and make him see what all he had been missing!Let it not sound like you are trying to point out his faults to him.Do NOT, under any circumstance give him the guilt of not being able to give you time. If he seems like he wants to talk to you about him, hear him out.However, slowly the excitement settles down into something more stable.

There are many things you can do to spice up your relationship.

They just cannot stop working, or thinking, worrying, talking, discussing work!

Many a time this compulsive need to keep working is associated with some personality complex or a psychological condition - completely losing himself in work could be a workaholics way of dealing with (or rather avoiding to deal with) some serious problems or issues in his life.

When was the last time your guy called you just to hear your voice?

When was the last time you saw that deep longing for you in his eyes?

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Many a time all it needs to grab your guy's attention is a little bit of spice!

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