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When there is an argument and they have their opinion, oh boy, forget it, they will insist they are always right.They will never second guess that there may be a possibility that they are not informed well about it or might be wrong. and I told him babe you never told me you were a jealous possessive type.. just I know he loves me but that was just a lil proof.He will always find a way to avoid talking about his feelings. I can tell you that they always find me and I am a Leo man.My experienced resembles the experience of the first poster above.After reading others' postings on this site, I just stopped arguing anything that leads towards confrontation, I immediately begun saying "yes, handsome, you are correct." Although my second guy has been one of my best friends ever in my life and we do so many things together, those confrontational moments, their stubbornness have made me run out of my patience. We never disrespect each other but there are moments I tell my Taurus guy not to do a few things especially in public that I may find offensive though they tend to disregard. Reading the section of Taurus man traits and the question how to know if he is in love w/ u.. ahh yes before reading that section, a few days ago we were talking about my admirers that I had and that c ontinue to try and talk to me. and then today I go and read this and was like babe! **giggles** well that is my story Our relationship.

I immediately backed off not making him realize that yet. Needing a lot of attention and affection makes me feel admired and I love that. And w/ my man I do need to be the only one in his eyes or I will become jealous and I RAWR! He doesn't like going out to party because 'that is not [his] scene' .. I do not do long distant relationships because I am unfortunately complicated and needy. I believe a Taurus man and Leo woman relationship wont work if they don't put the effort into making it so. He's the chameleon..just silently waits to fall into the missing position in a crowd.

The later one was simply the opposite of the first in many areas.

Both are very educated and accomplished though the later one was with a sharp mind, intellectually great match, energetic, active, highly confident, analytical, honest and all the other good qualities with whom I have been with for more than 5 years.

Anyhow, Taurus guys have their moments-mood swings occasionally- and done something I found offensive in public. Just that two experiences with them are enough, too much confrontation but if you remind them, they will tell you that it's not a confrontation or as my later buddy says it "you got to confront the situation"..what? anyhow as I have been thinking of not dating another Taurus, I have been talking this young man for sometime who is very interested in me and feelings are mutual. I've kinda grew up w/ him we went to the same school and his sister is my best friend. We compromise and talk things out because we both want it to work. I'm proud, ambitious and act like nothing can hurt me...

Since it's long distance, I wanted him to come and live with me for a while so we get to know each other while having fun. Taurus always liked me, but I guess I never saw interest when we were little because well of lots of reasons. Then one day back in late July I reconnected w/ him through myspace and ever since we hit it off. I do get bored most of the time because he likes to stay home and I like going out and partying. Naturally in relationships I need attention, compliments, and a guy with eyes for no one else...

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And he talks to me, tells me things I genuinely believe he doesn't tell others.

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